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Financial and Services Accountability Management System - FASAMS

The Florida Legislature, through Specific Appropriation 302A, authorized the Department to replace existing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Information System (SAMHIS) with a Financial and Services Accountability Management System (FASAMS). The Department implemented FASAMS in January 2019 in compliance with Section 394.77, Florida Statutes, to meet the following statutory requirements:

  • A uniform management information and fiscal accounting system for use by providers of community substance abuse and mental health services;
  • A uniform reporting system with uniform definitions and reporting categories;
  • An integrated system with automated interfaces to Florida Medicaid Management Information System (FMMIS) and Child Welfare (FSFN) systems.

The Department also implemented FASAMS in compliance with Section 394.9082(3)(h), Florida Statutes, to develop and provide a unique identifier to facilitate coordination of care for persons receiving behavioral health services through the managing entity.

Memo #2021-001 - Transition to FASAMS Version 14

FASAMS Pamphlet 155-2 version 14