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Clearinghouse Fingerprint Renewal FAQ

    Does the Clearinghouse Results Website offer renewal screenings?
    Yes, providers can initiate five-year renewal screenings through the Clearinghouse for employees who are eligible for renewal.
    When can I renew?

    Providers may initiate a Clearinghouse Renewal starting 60 days before the Retained Prints Expiration Date is reached. If the Clearinghouse Renewal is not initiated before the retained prints expiration date a new screening will need to be initiated in the Clearinghouse and the employee will have to be fingerprinted again.

    How will the provider know when it is time to renew an employee's screening?

    There are features in the Clearinghouse Results Website (CRW) designed to let providers know when it is time to renew an employee's screening. Both features depend on the employee being listed in the provider's Employee/Contractor Roster:

    Retained Print (RP) Expiration Table –starting 60 days from an employee's RP expiration date, a record will appear in the provider's RP expiration table on the home page in CRW that shows their expiration date. Each employee's name in the table is a hyperlink to their person profile, from which users can request a renewal screening.

    Provider Renewal Notifications – at 60, 30, and 21 days before the employee's RP expiration date, the system will send notifications to the provider that remind the provider that it is time for a renewal screening if the employee is on the Employee/Contractor roster without an end date.

    Why is the Employee Roster so important for renewal screenings?

    The Clearinghouse system will notify the employer of upcoming expirations of retained prints only for those employees that are listed on the Employee/Contractor Roster.