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Meeting the Challenges of Fostering

When a child comes from a home where all their needs were not consistently met, it can mean they need some extra help to catch up. This might be; tutoring to meet academic milestones, more frequent doctor’s or dentist visits to address health issues, play therapy to help with problematic behaviors, or time with a counselor to sort through the trauma in their life. As a foster parent it’s important that you recognize the potential of the kids coming to your home but also know that they may need some extra help to achieve it. Foster parents are not tasked with this alone, each child comes with a whole team dedicated to their well-being and you can always advocate for what they need.

As you consider opening your heart and home, you should also take time to consider the challenges your family is ready to tackle. More seasoned foster parents might have a longer list than those just starting out, and that’s okay. Being honest about your unique strengths is the best way to find the right fit for our children.